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we do not know because that is up to the manager.

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Q: Who is Chelsea going to buy?
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Who is Chelsea going to buy in 2012?


Is chelseafc are going to buy neymar da silva Santos junior in to Chelsea?

is chelseafc are going to buy neymar da silva Santos junior to chelseafc

When did abramovich buy Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC was bought buy Roman Abramovich in 2003

Is Chelsea going to win the premier league?

yes Chelsea are going to win the premier league this year because of the recent form they are playing in come on Chelsea!

Who do Chelsea want to buy this summer?

l chelsea to buy these players( l)eden hazard2hulk3luka modric4andy johnson

Who are Chelsea going tobuy in 2011?

Chelsea are after the benfica centre back david luiz

Is Torres going to Chelsea?

Yes he is

Is Gerrard going to Chelsea?

No. Not ever.

Why roman abramovich buy Chelsea?


Did Chelsea want to buy kaka?


What is going on with Chelsea at the moment?

1)roberto di mataio is staying in chelsea to be a manager. 2)hazard,hulk and marko marin is going to chelsea. note:hamsik is attached to liverpool,chelsea,man united,barcelona,ac milan,inter milan and real madrid.

Where can one buy Chelsea shirts for cheap?

There are many places where an individual can purchase Chelsea shirts for cheap. The best place to buy them would be at mega-retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

Where can one buy Chelsea Football shirts?

One can buy Chelsea Football shirts from the official Adidas website. One can also purchase Chelsea Football shirts from online websites like eBay, Amazon, World Soccer Shop and many more.

Is Joe Jonas and Chelsea Staub going out?

No they are not.

Who is is going to win the Fa cup?


Is Fernando Torres going to Chelsea?


Is ronaldioho going to Chelsea?

No he is staying at a.c.Milan.

Who is better Barcelona or Chelsea at soccer and Why?

Barcelona are better. They are better then Chelsea because they have young talent developed at home. Chelsea only buy costly olayers.Barcelona are a club of wizards,chelsea have few like drogba, Lampard.

Where can one find Chelsea stadium?

You can find Chelsea stadium when you go to Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road in London. You can buy the London Pass and it will take you to a tour of Chelsea Stadium.

What year did Roman Abramovich buy Chelsea?


Who is going to win Chelsea against Barcelona?


How much did Chelsea pay Manchester United in 2003 for Juan Sebastian Vernon?

Chelsea never did buy Juan Sebastin Veron.

How much did roman abramovich buy Chelsea for?

150m pounds

How much did Chelsea buy Frank Lampard?

£11 million

How much did Ken Bates buy Chelsea FC for?