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As you asked, "The Sport" of rock climbing:

1880s : The Sport of Rock Climbing begins in the Lake District and Wales in Great Britain , Saxony near Dresden, and the Dolomites. W. P. Haskett Smith is frequently called the Father of Rock Climbing in the British Isles, and Oskar Schuster was an early climber at Elbsandsteingebirge.

For the History of rock climbing:

* indoor rock climbing:

The skinny: Rock carvings in China from 300 B.C. depict men climbing rocks, but modern man invented indoor rock climbing. A physical education professor in the UK constructed the first artificial climbing wall in 1964. Since then the sport has taken off in many countries, especially in urban areas where the weather or environment isn't conducive to outdoor climbing. Sounds familiar.


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Q: Who invented the sport rock climbing?
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