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The Japanese invented soccer in approximately 1004 B.C. There are traces of games extremely similar to soccer that were played between China and Japan in early times. The Chinese kicked a ball made of animal skins and the goal was made of two poles stuck in the ground. Many believe that the British invented soccer because most of their soccer teams are extremely good at what they do. This is not true though.


Soccer was not invented it evolved from ball games played in Europe. Medieval foot ball games known to have provided the concepts for Association Football (soccer), Rugby Union Football, American Football, Australian Rules Football, Rugby League Football and Gaelic Athletic Association football include Mob football, Shrove football, La Soule, Gaelic football, Cornish & Welsh Hurling, Irish Hurling and possibly Knattleikr. The people groups who played these games share a common history and culture which included playing foot ball games. There were other games from antiquity played in China, Japan and south America which fit the historical definition of the English word "foteball" meaning "a ball game played on foot". However, there are no connections between these games and those played in Medieval Europe. The first Europeans to play a game which matched the definition of a football game were the Greeks and Romans. In Egypt linen ball bound with catgut for better bounce recovered from Egyptian tombs which date back 4500 years. This creates the distinct possibility that the Greeks may have acquired their football type ball game when Egypt was a Greek territory 3000 years ago.

For practical purposes Mob football, Shrove football and La Soule are the same game played under alternative names. Irish Hurling in played with a bat but other than this a defined area of play, two goals, two teams is similar to Cornish & Welsh Hurling. Gaelic football has shared concepts with hurling and we know Hurling combined with mob football/Shrove football/La Soule after hundreds of years of sports evolution in public schools and Universitys was used as a basis for the early form of Rugby Football played at Rugby Public School.

By the 1750's other forms of football developed from these early games and were being played in almost every public schools England and some in other parts of Britain and Ireland. One major problem which presented itself was that when these schools played against each other they would do so by different rules. To eliminate the confusion in 1848 some of these schools held a meeting to agree a common set of rules. The meeting took place at Cambridge University. Teachers who contributed to these common rules came from Cambridge University, Eton, Harrow, Shrewsbury, Marlborough Westminster and Rugby. The rule they produced became known as the 'Cambridge Rules'. In 1863 a revised version of the 'Cambridge Rules' was published in a London news paper. The rules were read by a man called Ebenezer Cobb Morley who was to become the first secretary of theFootball Association. He was to use these rules as a 'blueprint' to draft the his 'Laws of the game' which, with a few modifications, were agreed by the founder members of the Football Association to become the rules of Association football or Soccer as it became known.

As for other forms of football from the same family of games, we know that the early form of Rugby football was used as a basis for American Football and we know that Gaelic football has common rules with Australian Rules football.

See attachment 'Football' from the Wikipidia encyclopedia website

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Q: Who invented the soccer?
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soccer was not invented in Italy it was invented in England

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The soccer ball was invented around 1681

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It was made in 1883 but nobody knows who invented soccer

When was soccer invented in England?

i think soccer was invented in 1633 or 1643

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It was made in 1883 but nobody knows who invented soccer

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were was soccer invented

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he as only 72 when he invented soccer or football

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soccer was invented by the united kingdome in the 1800's

Where was football soccer invented at?

Association Football (aka Soccer) was invented in England.

Who invented soccer and what year?

England invented soccer before 1900's i believe it was.

Was soccer invented in England?

No I don't think it was England,the country who invented soccer was Scotland

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James Strogonaski invented the early soccer balls in the 1800s

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the English invented soccer

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Soccer has evolved a lot from when it was first invented. One way it has changed is that when soccer was first invented, there was not a system of yellow and red cards.

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Who was the inventor of soccer?

I don't know the exact inventor of soccer, though what I do know, is that it was invented in England. I think it was a number of people who invented soccer and not just one person. Look at the question (on this site) Where Did Soccer Originate? I answered that question and it has more information on where it originated and the spread of soccer over the years from when it was invented. (I am not completely sure when soccer was invented though).

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Japanese invented and started soccer.

What sport was invented first soccer or football?


What state Of Italy was soccer invented?

Roman Italy invented the game we now call soccer or football.

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Soccer was actually invented by the Aztecs in Mexico.

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Soccer was not invented by an American

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Ancient soccer was invented in China as military exercises in the 2nd century BC. Modern soccer was invented in England in the 19th century.

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football was invented in England in the Middle Ages. Only Americans call it "soccer".

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