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Me you dumb jackass

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Q: Who invented the skateboard halfpipe ramp?
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How do you build a skateboard halfpipe?

Search in google: free halfpipe plans or free ramp plans. Usually get at least a page of good results

Is a halfpipe easier to skate than a mini ramp?

No, your better off starting on a 4 foot mini ramp. Perfect any moves before taking on a halfpipe.

Is a skateboard ramp a lever?

No. A ramp is a ramp, one of several simple machines besides the lever.

Is luan the best wood for a skateboard mini ramp?

It is alright for the surface of the ramp but not for the structure of the ramp.

Vert ramp and a quarter pipe?

Vert Ramp=a halfpipe with a vert on the top edge of both sides of it to enable the rider to catch air. (vert)icalQuarterpipe=1/2 of a vert ramp or halfpipe

Would a skateboard ramp have a greater slope than a handicap ramp?


If you were making a skateboard ramp why does the shape matter?


Is a mini halfpipe easier to skate than a mini ramp?

Actually, they're the same exact thing.

What is the worlds tallest hill you can skateboard on?

mega ramp

What coler is a skateboard's ramp?

Any don't matter

Why does a skateboard make a louder noise on a concrete ramp than a wooden ramp?

Concrete has a lot of creases and bumps and the wooden ramp is smooth

What type of simple tool is a skateboard ramp?

inclined plane

How do you find the slope of a skateboard ramp?

Rise over run

What is a good way to make a skateboard ramp?

get blueprints for one

Can you go to the moon on a ramp and skateboard?

That would be pretty hard to do. You would have to have a seriously powerful rocket propelled skateboard and a space suit to do something like going to the moon on a ramp and skateboard. Please don't try it. That probably wouldn't end so well for either of us.

Who invented the ramp?

Ramps have been known since ancient times. The first ramps were naturally occurring, so no one invented them. It is unknown who made the first artificial ramp. The first skateboard ramp was built by Tom Stewart, a young California skateboarder, based on the 7.3 meter diameter water pipes being used for a water project in the central Arizona desert in the 1970s.

How invented the skateboard?

the skateboard was invented when kids attached roller blades to pieces of wood

What do you call a skateboard ramp shaped as a U?

This is called a half pipe.

What kind of surfaces should you consider in your plans for a skateboard ramp?


What is the best skateboard ramp for beginners?

The best beginner ramp is a kicker. You can get cheap ones that work very well at Wal Mart.

Where was skateboard in invented?

it was invented in 1997

Why does skateboard ramp does not have the same high?

Because you took way to much acid.

How to forward flip on skateboard?

go off big ramp and lan forward

When did they make skateboard ramp?

Skateboarding originated in empty pools and then went to ramps.

How do you pump on a skateboard?

Pumping(or "pushing") is to gain momentum and speed to get farther on your skateboard for just cruising, or to get speed for an upcoming obstacle like a ramp(or dog :))