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basically the inventor of football is well Rugby. Rugby made football . It was in Canada then brought to the united states But named football, and I think the person who invented was one of the founders of the acme packers( Green Bay Packers)

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Q: Who invented the game of football and what year?
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Who invented football game name them?

who invented football game name them

Which year was the first football invented in?

1879 the coach at Yale Walter Camp made football from the game of rugby.

Which country invented football?

England invented Football.

Where was flag football invented?

Flag Football was invented in the year 1999 with someone

Who invented football game?

WaLter Camp invented the rules of football around 1912. He basically developed the game off of Rugby.

In what year was Football invented?

1863 - the year the Football Association was formed.

What country football was made in?

England, although other countries claim to have invented the game, it was in England the game we know today as football was invented.

Where was the modern game of soccer invented?

Football was invented by the English.

Who invented the game paper football?

larry bynon

Who invented the football game?

Walter Payton

Why was the game of football invented?

To have some fun

Who was football invented by?

In 1863,at Cambridge University, a group of Englishmen formed the Football Association and invented the modern game of soccer.

What year was the football invented?


What year football was invented?


Who invented the American football ball?

Walter camp created the football used in American football. He was a graduate of Yale and invented the game in 1820. Since then, the game has grown to be a multi billion dollar industry professionally.

When was flag football invented?

It is not known who actually invented flag football. The first time the game was played in America was in the 1800's.

Who invented national football league?

In 1879, 20-year-old Walter Camp of Yale University invented football.

In what year was scoccer invented?

This is up for debate, as football has been played for centuries, but the laws of the game appear to have been first codified in 1863.

Who played Flag football first?

who invented flag football? where was it first played? Year it was invented? Changes and modifications over the years? what are the differences between flag football and regular (tackle) football?

Who invented the game of American football?

your mommy!

What original materials were used in the game of football when it was invented?


What to teams play football game each year on thankgiving?

what two teams play football game each year on thankgining

What year was football and the radio invented?

it was created in 1945

What year was American football invented?

It wasn't 'invented' exactly. It was derived from Rugby football in the mid-19th century and began to develop on its own.

Who invented the vidio game?

it was Mr vigm in the year 1976 the game he invented was space invaders and was published in the year 1977