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1879 the coach at Yale Walter Camp made football from the game of Rugby.

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Q: Which year was the first football invented in?
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Who played Flag football first?

who invented flag football? where was it first played? Year it was invented? Changes and modifications over the years? what are the differences between flag football and regular (tackle) football?

Who Invented Football and what year?

Cuju was actually the first to invent Football/Soccer in 206 BC but great Britain then Introduced it in 1900

Where was flag football invented?

Flag Football was invented in the year 1999 with someone

In what year was Football invented?

1863 - the year the Football Association was formed.

Who invented football pants?

was the first pare football pants invented

Where was football first thought of?

Football was first invented in England.

What sport was invented first football or basketball?

Football was invented in the early 1800's. Basketball was invented in 1891.

Which was invented first American football or English Football?

English Football

What year was the football invented?


What year football was invented?


What year did football come to the US?

This question is misleading. Football was invented in the US. It was first played November 6, 1869 between Rutgers University and Princeton University.

What sport was invented first football basketball or baseball?


Who invented national football league?

In 1879, 20-year-old Walter Camp of Yale University invented football.

What was first invented first football or baseball?


Who invented football and played it first?


What year was American football invented?

It wasn't 'invented' exactly. It was derived from Rugby football in the mid-19th century and began to develop on its own.

What year was the first information processor invented?

what year was the first invented processor

What year was football and the radio invented?

it was created in 1945

When was flag football invented?

It is not known who actually invented flag football. The first time the game was played in America was in the 1800's.

What was invented first football or baseball?


Who invented the first football sled?


In what year was scoccer invented?

This is up for debate, as football has been played for centuries, but the laws of the game appear to have been first codified in 1863.

What year was the first factory invented?

What was the year of the first factory invented?

What year was the first billy cart invented?

what year was the first billy car invented

In what year was the first caller ID invented in?

In 1969 year there was first caller id invented.