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Q: Who invented the game of basball?
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What year was basball invented?

The first organized league game (that is known) was in 1846. It was invented by either cricket or rounders. But, they know that game were played before that, just nobody knows how far back it was invented.

Is basball played in the Olympics?

No it's not but they do have Allstar game

How much does a basball player make in a game?

they make 500 dollars a game

Who invented basball?

Alexander Cartwright may have come up with most of the original rules.

Who invented the basball bat?

The first metal bat was invented in 1924 by William Shroyer but wasn't used until 1970 to do the development of stronger aluminum. The first wood bat was invented in the 14th century in Russia because of a similar game to baseball and no one person is credited.

What happens if a major league basball player tests positive for marijuana?

50 game suspension

How many basball teams are there in the American basball league?

There are 16 teams in the National League.

What is Jorry?

it is where you play basball

Who was the inventor of basball?

Abner Boubleday

Where was the first basball made?


How many innings in a basball game?

MLB consists of 9 innings, more if needed to determine a winner, less if non post season game and inclement weather delays the game.

What is the fastest basball pitch ever?


What is the most watched sport of 2010?


What new sports in the 2012 Olympics?


Who is the greates basball player?

Alex Rodriquez

How many professional basball teams are there?

There are 30.

When was the Game Boy invented?

the game boy was invented in 1950

When was the game of rugby invented?

The game of rugby was invented in 1750.

Is Richie Hebner retired basball player married?


In BAsball what do the initials nl stand for?

national league

How fast can a basball travel?

Depends how fast you throw it

What is a 1997 topps basball cards worth?

not that much

Who invented the bagatelle game?

Dr radwan omar invented this game

Who invented football game name them?

who invented football game name them

Who invented the Wii game?

marrow gene invented the Wii game