Who invented the bow?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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Is that 'bow' as in tying up ribbons, bow as in 'bow and arrow', or 'bow' as in greeting by bending forward?

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Q: Who invented the bow?
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What year was the bow and arrow invented?

the artery bow was invented around 45000 years ugo lol

Where was the bow invented?


Who invented the bowtie?

The Croatian mercenaries invented the bow-tie.

When was tai bow invented?


How was the bow and arrow first invented?

they saw a bow and they saw and arrow and decided to shoot it

Who invented the electric bow tie?

Micheal Boaslink invented the electric bowtie in 2006.

Who invented the hair bow?

Dorvin paul ericks

When was the Hun bow invented?

1,000,000 years ago

How early was the bow and arrown invented?

stone age

Is a bow an arrow inventions of the mesolithic era?

The Bow and Aorrow were invented in the late paleoithic early mesolithic era

Who invented the very first bow?

If you refer to a hunting bow, as in "bow and arrow", it goes back to Nimrod, in the Old Testament. The bow was supposed to be a gift from God, to silently hunt animals at a distance.

When was the violin bow perfected?

who perfected the violin? (major invented)