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Handsprings are done in the sport of gymnastics. Ancient records and research suggest that handsprings were invented by the ancient Egyptians.

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Q: Who invented the back hand spring?
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What year was the back hand spring invented?

The back hand spring was usually invented in the 1960's if u ask me

Can you break your back while doing a back hand spring?


Examples of individual stunts?

* back tuck * back walk over * front hand spring * back hand spring * round off * back roll * back extension roll * front tuck * cartwheel

What is a cartwheel that finishes in a backflip called?

do you mean a backflip as in a back tuck? (which would be without hands) or back flip as in back hand spring? (which would be with hands) if you mean backtuck its just called a cartwheel back tuck bvut if you mean with back hand spring then it is just cartwheel back hand spring hope that helps.!

What can you do in order to get your back hand spring?

You might want to be able to do a back limber

How do you do a roundoff-back-hand-spring perfectly?

Practice it a lot.

When were hand tools invented?

Hand tools go back thousands of years and were invented as people needed them.

What level of gymnastics is a back hand spring?

about...level 1 & 2

How do you do a cheerleading stunt without other people?

Back hand spring?

What skills are required for level 3 gymnastics?

Bars/ jump from the low bar to high bar. you need a back hip circle and a baby giant. Vault/ you need a front hand spring. Floor/ you need a round off to back hand spring. Also a front hand spring step out to round off back hand spring. For Beam/ you need cartwheel straight jump and a back walk over. and a full turn. Thats all

What can a good gymnast do?

good gymnasts can do flips, piks and back somersaults. a good gymnast needs to have giants on bars,a urchanko on vault(round off back hand spring),a back hand spring on beam,and a full on floor :)

Who invented spring balance?

Robert Hooke invented the spring balance.

What moves are there in cheerleading?

There are cartweels and chantaind it is a mixter ao dance and gymasticsIt goes from front roll, to back roll, hand stand, walking hand stand, front walk over, back walkover, front hand spring, back hand spring, front tuck, double front tuck, back tuck, double back tuck, triple ect., layout, wipeback, half, full, double full.

What are some names of gymnastic moves?

cartwheel, handstand, somersault, backtuck, back hand spring, round-off, full, layout, pike, front hand spring, dive roll, back extension, layout step out, arabian, etc

What are the different stunts of gymnastics?

Floor * Backward roll * cartwheel * handstand * handstand roll * Back extension roll (rolling backward and in the middle pushing up to handstand) * back walk over * back hand spring * back tuck * round off back hand spring * round off back hand spring back tuck * full * layout * pike * leaps (such as stag leaps, switch leaps, etc.) * front hand spring * front walk over * front tuck Beam * mount * dismount * (any skills from the floor) * dance skills such as turns, leaps and jumps Vault * tsukahara * front hand spring * 1/2 on Bars * Pull over * kip * front hip circle * back hip circle * clear hip * cast * tap swing * fly away * giant * stride circle

Back hand spring?

A back handspring is a back flip with hands. In other words you jump back and flip yourself backwards with you hands and land on your feet

Is a back flip with or without hands?

A back flip can be either with hands or without hands. A back hand spring is with hands, and a back tuck is without hands.

Gymnastics floor moves?

there are lots...but just to name a few # straight jump # front roll (front summersault) # back roll (back summersault) # cartwheel # roundoff # bridge walkover # back walkover # front walkover # front tuck # back tuck # flic flac # front hand spring # back hand spring

How long does it take to learn how to do a back hand spring?

to do a back hand spring just keep trying every or every other day a couple times you should be able to get it in 1 to 2 weeks in less its one of those things that really hard for you.

When did the copy machine get invented?

Well they invented them because people back then used to have to write everything by hand and it took to long..

Is a front-handspring easier than a back-handspring?

It is actually just a matter of opinion. I think front handsprings are easier, but level 3 does backhandsprings and level four does front handsprings. A front hand spring can be easier it just depends on how flexible you really are. A back hand spring is way easier if you are strong. You need strength to do a front hand spring. you need confidence, flexibility and strength to do a back hand spring.ont handspring. To help you can use front and balk walkovers.

How do you do a triple back handspring?

Doing a triple back hand spring is very easy when you get the hang of it. All you have to do is go to gymnstics and practice for a period of time. When you are ready you go to the park and you start off running then you do a round off back hand spring 3 times and there you are. That's all it takes if you practice.

When was the first hand invented?

The first hand was invented in 1701.

Is it hard to do a back hand spring?

In the beginning, a back hand spring may seem hard or scary. It will take practice with a coach to get it down, but after you get the hang of it, it gets easier. The more you practice it, the easier it gets. Just make sure you get a coach to spot you and teach you the proper form.

Is a backhandspring and a back flip the same?

No a back hand spring is when you do a real fast back walkover with you feet together. A back flip is also known as a back tuck and that's when you flip in the air.

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