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almost everything says the old skaters did

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Q: Who invented skateboard ramps?
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What skateboard brands are good for ramps?

Any ones you like

When did they make skateboard ramp?

Skateboarding originated in empty pools and then went to ramps.

Is a flying skateboard possible?

no its not possible, you can get off the ground using your skills or ramps but that's about it

Where would one be able to purchase a Tech Deck ramp?

Tech Deck ramps are used for practicing and performing skateboard tricks and moves. These ramps can be purchased from local sports equipment stores, specialty stores (specializing in skateboard equipment), or online at retailers such as TeckDeck.

How invented the skateboard?

the skateboard was invented when kids attached roller blades to pieces of wood

Who invented the ramp?

Ramps have been known since ancient times. The first ramps were naturally occurring, so no one invented them. It is unknown who made the first artificial ramp. The first skateboard ramp was built by Tom Stewart, a young California skateboarder, based on the 7.3 meter diameter water pipes being used for a water project in the central Arizona desert in the 1970s.

What is your idea of a perfect park?

a playground, some skateboard ramps, a baseball field, and a football field.

How do you build a half pipe for BMW bikes?

Get a book for building skateboard ramps, and follow the directions.

Where was skateboard in invented?

it was invented in 1997

Where can one find simple instructions for building skate ramps?

Instructions for building one's own skate ramps can be found on many DIY sites and general information websites. DIYSkate and About - Skateboard are two of the more accessible sources for making skate ramps.

The guy who invented the skateboard?

me the guy how invented the skateboard was a human with a face and eyes ohhh and the human had a mouth......

Who invented the skateboard rocket?

The one who wants to invent the skateboard rocket is starwish5.

Who invented a skateboard?


Who invented skateboard?


Where was the Skateboard invented?

My guess is that it was invented somewere in California or in Florida. The skateboard was invented at sometime,but nobody know who exactly made it. It was basicly origanated. Some person at a time made a skateboard and another person copied,and it went on and on like dominos.

Who was the skateboard invented for?

The skateboard was originally designed as a way to practice surfing outsite of the water.

How do you make skate-park?

get a bunch of ramps ,put them together ,get skateboard ,skate down rampsnow you have a skate park in your backyard or wherever

Who invented the skateboard truck?

no one

Where in the world was the skateboard invented?

In the U.S.A

What year was skateboard invented?


Who invented the mini skateboard?

A Midget

What country invented the skateboard?


What was invented first the Skateboard or the Longboard?

The shape of a longboard was invented before but the trucks and wheels were small like those of a skateboard. Early boards didn't have pop.

Who invented skateboard otrick the ollie?

Alan Gelflend invented the trick in 1976.

Who invented skateboard wax?

bam margera