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ya mam

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Q: Who invented protective head gear for soccer players?
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Besides the ball name something you need to play soccer.?

Players Net Cleats Feet Uniform Protective Gear

What gear do soccer players use?

soccer ball, jersey,socks,

What is used as genital guard in soccer?

Nothing. The only protective gear allowed are shin guards, soft rubber helmets for players with cranial injuries, facial restrictors for players with nasal injuries and arm guards for players with broken arms.

Why is safety important in soccer?

Soccer only allows for shin guards as protective gear. Injuries and deaths are common in the sport.

Which sport do you get hurt in more soccer or football?

Soccer, there is no protective gear other than shin guards, and a lot of players hit the goal frame with their heads or at high speed. It's also a common occurrence to raise your foot in soccer, which doesn't happen in football and causes severe injuries.

What safety gear do soccer players wear?

moth gard,cothes,shin pads

Why were clogs invented?

Clogs were traditionally worn by workers as protective clothing or gear in factories, mines and farms.

How safe is the gear that the Chicago Bears wear?

The gear that the Chicago Bears are very safe. They are very protective and specially made so that the players get the most protection for lightest wear.

Why does peter chek wear a head gear in soccer games?

He once hit his head on the goal post and was unconscious for a few minutes. He and a few other players (goalkeepers and otherwise) wear protective headgear to prevent cranial fractures. Other cases of unusual gear include Edgar Davids, who wore eyeglasses.

What protective gear do players wear during a game in Ice Hockey?

they wear knee and elbow pads , helmet's ,shoulder blades

Why do you wear protective gear when playing softball?

You wear protective gear so you dont get seriously injured

Why do rugby players wear forearm guards?

Rugby players wear forearm guards as a protective gear. Generally, rugby is a very rough game which could result into various injuries.

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