Who invented karate katas?

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Many of the katas are very old and were adapted from forms used in kung fu. The Pinan katas of Shorinryu were created by Ankou Itosu based on the higher level katas.

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Q: Who invented karate katas?
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Why are the last four katas in Wado Ryu karate known as the four jewels in the crown?

because they are the four main katas that make up Wado Ryu karate.

Is karate Japanese or chinease?

Karate is Japanese, is important in Japanease culture. If you are in karate or know it you would notice that most of the katas are japanese names.

What are the 15 karate katas?

There are many more than 15 karate katas. Each style has their own set of katas and some do not overlap. In my style there are 20: 5 Kihon Kata 5 Pinan Kata 3 Bassai Kata 3 Naihanchi Kata 2 Kusanku Kata Chinto Gojushiho

Does anyone know where to find Wado-ryu Karate videos?

Hey I do Wado-Ryu Karate and I found the videos on youtube helpful, especially with katas. Just type in Wado-Ryu Karate. Hope this helps. Megan x.

What is the 5th katas called in karate?

From what I know: 1. Kionkataich 2. Kionkatanii 3. Kionkatasan 4. Pidanshodan 5. Pidansandan

Why did they invent Karate?

Karate was invented for self defense.

Is karate a team or individual sport?

neither it is the study of martial tecnique through katas, sparring, drills etc, however the school, instructer, style etc. conducts it. Karate means empty hand.

What did Daniel larusso get tought in the karate kid?

Daniel Larusso got taught Shotokan Karate in the Karate Kid

Where was shotokan karate invented?

Shotokan karate was brought to Japan from Okinawa.

How many katas are there in karate?

The number of kata that are taught varies from style to style. My style has 18 kata you have to learn before black-belt testing. There are several others that can be learned after one becomes a black belt. the number of katas vary depending on which karate school you go to my school has 27 karate katas that you have to learn before you go to a black belt grading. there are a further 49 that you have to learn before you continue after black belt. some of them are made up by a number of instructors that belong to the same school and they make the kata specially for there school. there are also other kata that are known and used worldwide.

What country was karate invented in?

In Okinawa

You want to learn karate?

Yes, I want to learn Karate, but I want to do it in Japan and learn it from someone who practices the OLD Shotokan Katas, as Giching Funakoshi originally taught them. I want to go through, the training Funakoshi's students went through.

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