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Fingerless gloves have a long history dating back to the early Romans and Greeks. The practical side of fingerless gloves was that they allowed a person to carry out tasks requiring finger dexterity such as stitching and embroidery. Fingerless gloves were quite popular with the wealthy classes who liked to display the flashiness of their rings. These gloves were crafted out of fine leathers, silk, or velvet, and came in different lengths and styles.

Today, we see fingerless gloves and often think of hobos, and tough people, which is interesting given the history of this outerwear piece and that they are rooted in elegance and wealth. Fingerless gloves are also making a comeback today for the same reason, women wanting to show off their manicures. Additionally, with today's touchscreen phones, they are also gaining momentum in popularity.

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Q: Who invented fingerless gloves?
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Yes you can! There are very many types of gloves.

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Umm, according to my researches, fingerless gloves can cost from $2.99 to $18.99, it actually depends on what the gloves are made of and where you purchased it :) x

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