Who invented NFL Play 60?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Play 60 was invented by the Cooper Institute: FITNESSGRAM.

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Q: Who invented NFL Play 60?
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Who was the founder of play 60?

The NFL.

What is the total play time in a NFL football game just play time?

60 minutes

What is the music from the nfl play 60 commercials?

It's The Power is On by The Go! Team.

What year was nfl play 60 founded?

2007 Check link attached:

Who sings the song in the commercial for NFL play 60?

The Power Is On,' The Go! Team

Who is the actor wearing 50 in nfl play 60 commercial?

It is AJ Hawk of the GreenBay Packers.

What is the music from the NFL play 60 commercial with the Bengals and Rams and Bears and Patriots?

Feel alright by MoZella

How can the NFL and NFL play 60 bus make your community a better place for kids to get active and healthy?

to eat healthy and start practice activated football

How many minutes does NFL play?

15 minutes a quarter; 60 a game(15 x 4 quarters)

Where was NFL football invented?

It was invented in 1956 at Colorado.

Who is the football player who picks up the young boy in the NFL's Play 60 commercial?

Mario Williams DE Houston Texans

Who does voice over in NFL play 60 commercials?

I think it might be the actor who is currently in the TV show "flashforward", Courtney something.