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In England in the end of middleage.......

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Q: Who invente football game and when?
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Who was the fist person to invent the football?

the first person to invente the football is Jackson halbert when he was 10 years old. the first person to invente the football is Jackson halbert when he was 10 years old. Gridiron football (not futbol or soccer) was actually born in Canada by British soldiers against civilians in a game in Toronto on November 9, 1861. It has been modified since then...

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Felix delastelle

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it was invente in 4000bc it was invente in 4000bc

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the African tribes

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you invente what you want to do

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Steve Jobs of sure

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What is the adjective of football?

"football" as in football game.

How many footballs are needed in a game of football?

One football is required for a game of football.

What do you call the end of a football game?

The end of a football game.

Things at a football game beginning with k?

Kicking tees are used at a football game. Kickoffs occur at a football game.

What was the name of the football game on bonus com?

The Best Football Game

Who invented football game name them?

who invented football game name them

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disposable diapers were made in 1946

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in 1968