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Angelo "Hank" Luisetti was the Stanford three-time All-American who revolutionized College Basketball in the late Thirties with his one-handed set shot. During that era the two-handed set shot was the basic form of shooting. His shooting style received national attention because of a game played in Madison Square Garden on December 30, 1936, against the number-one ranked Long Island University which had a 43-game winning streak. Stanford beat LIU 45-31, and the New York media's reports of the game and of Luisetti's shooting style brought nationwide attention to the one-handed shot.

Luisetti never played professional Basketball but a national poll of sportswriters in 1950 ranked him the second-best player of the first half of the century behind George Mikan. His jersey number "7" is the only number retired in Stanford basketball history. Luisetti died in 2002.

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Q: Who introduced the one-handed push shot?
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