Who inspired Jonah lomu to play rugby?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Jonah lomu coach inpired him to play Rugby

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Q: Who inspired Jonah lomu to play rugby?
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Which sport did Jonah lomu play?


How many internatinal rugby teams did Jonah lomu play for?

One only. New Zealand

How many caps has Jonah Lomu got?

Jonah Lomu has play 63 caps as an All Black player

Who inspired jonha lumo to play rugby?

ricky silva who was a great rugby player from South afrika he is only 13 now but he still inspired jonah lumo to play rugby

What position does Jonah lomu play?

left wing

How long did Jonah lomu play for the all blacks?

1994 - 2002

What years did Jonah Lomu play for the hurricanes?

2000-2003 gainig 29 caps and scoring 11 tries

Why did Jonah Lomu play rugby?

Though of Tongan descent, Jonah grew up in New Zealand and attended a South Auckland high school. Rugby union is New Zealand's most popular sport and every school fields a number of teams so it was natural for someone of Jonah's size and strength to end up playing rugby. Jonah was selected for representative sides while still at school and became one of our youngest All Blacks. Being so physically large and strong, he would have excelled at any number of sports but rugby was what he knew and had always been successful at.

Why can't Jonah lomu play anymore?

His playing career was stopped initially due to a kidney disorder. He had replacement kidney but his return to the game stumbled with illness and injury. Sadly the big guy had to stop playing.

Who can play rugby?

Anyone can play rugby.

Who inspired ma' a 'nonu to play rugby?

Im pretty sure it was Robert smith of popular 80's alternative band The Cure

Who are four people that play rugby?

Four people that play rugby? Millions worldwide play Rugby mate.