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Pele's advocates point out that he scored 1283 goals in his career - the most anyone has ever scored - and won 3 world cups with Brazil. His ethic was also outstanding, as players started to employ the tactic of kicking him whenever he got the ball - nothing else worked - and he still persevered. His critics note that his goal tally includes goals playing against ameteur sides and friendlies, as well as army matches. They also argue that he did not have a significant part to play in any of Brazil's world cup wins, and that he did not test himself in European football; he pretty much played his whole career at Santos. A good indicator of this is when he was asked in an interview what his best goal was, and he proceeded to describe it in full, and when asked whether they could see a clip, he said, it doesnt exist - it had been in the Brazilian league, with no cameras.

Maradona's advocates point out his heroics at the '86 world cup, his undoubted genius and of course, his success at Napoli where he won two Serie A's (one a double with the copa italia) and the uefa cup, and it is irrefutable that their victories came from his efforts - a one man team if there ever was one - that would be akin to a player going to the likes of blackburn now and winning the league. His detractors point out that he had a drug problem and that his temperament was suspect, and that he was a cheat - the hand of god incident, for one - and his tendancy to do things his own way when it came to training. He was also a complete failure at Barcelona (though hepetitis and a career threatening injury after a bad tackle did contribute to this). Barcelona fans do not like to be associated with him after his antics at the copa del rey final in which there was a massive melee in which Maradona was at the centre.

All things considered, I lean toward Maradona

Of all of the current players, i believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best

There are as many opinions as there are players. As this question is being vandalised so often it will be locked.

Please add any comments in the discussion area.

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Q: Who in the Soccer world best player?
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