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Tony Lockett. 16 goals for Sydney versus Fitzroy in Round 19 1995.

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Q: Who in Aussie rules has kicked the most goals in a single game without a behind?
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Most goals kicked in an Aussie rules game by a single player?

Fred Fanning (Melbourne) has kicked the most goals in a VFL/AFL match with 18 and 1 behind against St Kilda in Round 17, 1947.The game was his last VFL/AFL appearance.

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In a single game - Fred Fanning 18 In a season - Fred Fanning 97 Career - Not sure.

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Who has most goals kicked in a single afl match?

Fred Fanning for Melbourne v St Kilda at Junction Oval, Round 19 1947. Laurie Nash also kicked 18 goals in 1934 whilst playing South Australia in an interstate match.