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peewee rease

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Q: Who hugged Jackie Robinson during a game?
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When did Jackie Robinson break the color barrrier?

Jackie Robinson's first game in MLB was April 15, 1947.

Did Jackie Robinson have a relative in his baseball game?


Where was Jackie Robinson's first game played?


What did Jackie Robinson learn when he was growing up?

the value of the game.

With which game is the name Jackie Robinson associated?

base ball

At what age did Jackie Robinson retire from baseball?

Jackie Robinson played his final MLB game on October 10, 1956.

Jackie Robinson's moment of truth?

Jackie robinson was the first african american to play in the major leagues and win the first major league game

Who was the individual that broke the color barrier in professional sports during the 1950s?

Moses Fleetwood Walker debut game May 1, 1884 as the Catcher for the Toledo Blue Stockings versus the Louisville. This is the official debut of an African American in baseball. of madern day it would be Jackie Robinson who first played in April 1945 for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What month did Jackie Robinson retire?

Jackie Robinson played his last game on September 30, 1956. He retired after the season, after learning that he had been traded to the Giants.

What year was Jackie Robinson's first major league game?


How many people was looking at Jackie Robinson first game?

If you are asking how many spectators came to watch Jackie Robinson's game as the first African American playing in major league baseball then the answer is 26,623 spectators. That date was April 15, 1947. Of course this was not the 'first' baseball game that Jackie played.

Did Jackie Robinson play the first game of the 1947 season for the dodgers?

Yes, Jackie Robinson's first MLB game was April 15, 1947 which was the Brooklyn Dodgers' first game of the season. The Dodgers defeated the Boston Braves, 5-3, and Robinson went 0 for 3 with a run scored.