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David Channilor (ex Tranmere Rovers) was the world record holder with somewhere around 40 metres. That was a few years ago now so it may have changed.

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Q: Who holds the world record for longest football throw?
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Who holds the world record for longest American football throw?

terry bradshaw threw 100 yards to roger carr. yes they are real people. it happened at Louisiana tech at a football camp

What is the longest throw for a pro football quarterback?

99-yards is the NFL record

What is the Longest throw by air with a football on record?

46.34 metres recorded by Tranmere's Dave Challinor which has earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Who holds the record for javelin throw?

michael landon did in the 1950s

Who holds the Women's world record in the discus throw?


Who threw the longest football throw ever?

I dont no

Who holds the women's world record for hammer throw?

Jan zelezy

Who holds the women's world record in the hammer throw?

The current women's world record holder in the hammer throw is Anita Włodarczyk from Poland. She set the record on August 28, 2016 with a throw of 82.98 meters.

What is the world record for the longest softball throw?

As of September 2021, the Guinness World Record for the longest softball throw is 393 feet 7 inches (about 120 meters) by Lauren Chamberlain, set in 2013.

Who has the best distance football throw?

It is difficult to determine who has the best distance football throw as it depends on the specific circumstances and competition. However, some notable quarterbacks known for their long throws include Patrick Mahomes, Matthew Stafford, and Josh Allen.

What was the longest discus throw ever?

The 2008 Olympics was held in Beijing China. The gold medal for the longest discus was awarded to Gerd Kanter for a throw of 68.82 metres (223.8 feet).

Who holds the men's wold record in the javelin throw?

The women's world record in the javelin throw is held by Barbora Špotáková of Czech Republic who threw the javelin 72.28 meters in 2008.