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me , im doing a 21.93

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โˆ™ 2011-01-11 21:15:10
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Q: Who holds the world record for 50m freestyle 15 year old boy?
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Who holds the world record for the fastest woman in the world?

The fastest woman in the world is Allyson Felix. she won the Olympics last year, 2008!

Who holds the world record in the long jump for 8 year old girls?

Probably this 8 year old girl I know

Who holds the world record for 8 year old girls in the long jump?

Probably this 8 year old girl I know

Who holds the record for the fastest marathon runner's speed?

Haile Gebrselassie- He won the Dubai Marathon last year and holds the world record for the marathon after running it in 2hrs3minutes and 59 seconds in Berlin in 2008.

Which year FIFA world cup holds the record of max no of Yellow and Red cards given to the players?

It wasthe 2010 world cup.

Who holds the 100 meter dash record?

Usain Bolt holds the record of 9.85, beating 9.69 his own record made in Beijing last year .

Who holds the record for the most RBI in a year?

Hack Wilson

What is the record for the 12 year old freestyle 100?

her name is m.masselie Sheridan her time is 59.98 she is Australian

What is the world record for 100m Freestyle for 16 yr old boys?

This is not calculated. Not all times for 16 year olds are recorded so there is no way of saying the fastest time.

Which year was Michael Jackson's world's best selling album?

Thriller became the world's best selling album in 1984. It still holds the record today.

World record bench press 15 year old?

currently in 2011 Willie holds the world record for bench press as a 15 year old born in Houston tx raised in baytown tx hold the record at 520lbs he is currently the strongest at bench press in the world at his age at 15 years old

What did an English swimmer achieve in the Olympics?

19-year-old Rebecca Adlington won 2 gold medals, one in the 800m freestyle (in which she also broke a 19-year old world record by 2 seconds), and the other in the 400m freestyle. Jo Jackson won bronze in the latter race as well.

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