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mike schmidt

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Q: Who holds the rookie home run record in the national league for third base?
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What major league baseball player has the most RBI in their rookie season?

Ted Williams, with 145 RBIs in his rookie year, holds the record.

Who holds the American League rookie home run record?

Mark McGwire with 49 in 1987 for the Oakland Athletics.

Who holds the national league record for RBIs in a single season?

Hack Wilson holds both the National League and the Major League records for RBIs in a single season. He drove in 191 for the Chicago Cubs in 1930.

Who holds the Major League Baseball single season rookie runs batted in record?

The MLB rookie record for RBIs is 145 set by Hall of Famer Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox in 1939.

Who holds the NFL rookie receiving record?

randy moss

How many times did Mantle hit home-runs both left and right handed in the same game?

Mickey Mantle holds the American League record for games with home runs from both sides of the plate with 10. Ken Caminiti holds the National League record, also with 10. Eddie Murray holds the major league record with 11, 9 times in the American League and twice in the National League.

Who holds the record for home runs by a rookie catcher?

Gary carter

Who holds the Maple Leafs rookie points record?

Peter Ihnacak

Who holds the NHL record for most penalty minutes by a rookie?


Who holds the NL rookie home run record?

The MLB National League rookie home run record is jointly held by Wally Berger, who knocked 38 out of the park in his first season with the Boston Braves in 1930, and by Frank Robinson, who matched that feat in his debut with the Cincinatti Reds in 1956. Berger was 25 when he set the mark, older than the average rookie. Robinson was 21.

What former phillie holds the marlins record for saves as a rookie?

I couldn't find a rookie Marlins that played for the Phillies that has the record for most saves as a rookie. However, Dontrelle Willis in his rookie season had 14 wins, a Marlins team record for a rookie. He is currently on the Phillies.

Who holds the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie record for receptions?

The Steelers rookie record is held by wide receiver, Troy Edwards with 61 receptions in 1999.

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