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Shahid Afridi holds the record of fastest century in ODIs; 102 runs on 37 balls.

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Q: Who holds the record of fastest century in ODIs?
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Who scored the fastest century?

Sir Vivian Richards holds the record for the fastest century in Test Cricket. He blazed his way to hundred in 57 balls against England at St.Johns (1986). Shahid Afridi the record for scoring the fastest century in ODIs. He scored his century in 37 balls against Sri Lanka on 4th October 1996 on his ODI debut.

What player has participated in more games and in world cups?

Sachin Tendulkar has the record of playing in more games in world cups and Sanath Jayasurya holds the record for ODIs

Who has record of hitting maximum hundreds in ODIs?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored maximum centuries; 48 in ODIs.

Who score first ODIs century?

amiss denis

Which cricketer was bowled maximum no of times in one day matches?

sachin tenulkar holds the record being bowled 65 times in odis the nest batsman is sanath jaisurya

What does the abbreviation ODIS stand for when it is used after a lawyers name on a court case?

It is record software

How many ODI hundreds has Imran Khan scored?

He managed only one century in ODIs.He scored one ODI century. His score was 102 not out.

Who is the expensive bowler in the world?

Mick Lewis holds the record for most expensive bowling figures in ODIs. He had bowling figures of 10-0-113-0 vs South Africa in 2006. He is the only bowler to have conceded over 100 runs in one ODI.

When was William Odis Bertelsman born?

William Odis Bertelsman was born in 1936.

When was Odis Allison born?

Odis Allison was born on 1949-10-02.

When was Odis McKinney born?

Odis McKinney was born on 1957-05-19.

What is the number of century sachin scored?

Tests: 51 ODIs: 49 updated on 10/29/2017

Which of these has Sachin Tendulkar played more tests or ODIs?

He played for total of 664 matches. He played odis more than tests.

Who is better Sachin Tendulkar or Sanath Jayasuriya?

Sachin Tendulkar is the highest run scorer in the history of the game, both in Tests and ODIs. He is also the highest century scorer in both forms of the game. Wisden has rated Tendulkar as the second best batsman of all time, both in Tests and ODIs.

How much odis played by schin tendulker?

From 2 march 2012 sachin tendulkar played 461 odis.

How many odis have been played betweek india and England to this odi series?

There are 5 ODIs in the ongoing India-England series

How many odis did pakistan played against South Africa?

pakistan played 21 odis match against south africa.

Who has the most number of wickets on a single venue in ODIs?

Wasim Akram has taken 122 wickets in 77 Matches at Sharjah, that's record for most wickets by a bowler on a single venue.

How old is mercy odis worren?


Fastest ever 1 day 50?

Sunath Jayasuria has the fastest 50 in ODIs scoring 50 in 17 deliveries with 8 fours and 5 sixes playing Pakistan in 1996. He was out for 76 off 28 deliveries. Despite that Sri Lanka failed to overhaul Pakistan's rather modest total of 215 falling short by 43 runs.

Who hit the most sixes in odis in the world?

21-Jun-2010: Shahid Afridi has now hit the most sixes in ODIs, going past Jayasuriya. He now has 272.

What systems protected the Irish when they came to the us?


Who is the most successful bowler in ODIs?

Muthaiya murlitharan

Who has taken the most wickets in ODIs?

Mutthayya Murlidharan

How many centuries Sachin do have?

99 in test and odis.