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Shahid Afridi of Pakistan in 37 balls.

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2009-10-30 18:39:10
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Q: Who holds the record for the fastest hundred in limited overs cricket?
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Who holds the fastest hundred record in odi cricket?

Shahid Khan Afridi made the fastest hundred in ODI

Who scored the fastest 100 for India in cricket?

As of July 2009, Virender Sehwag holds the record for the fastest hundred by an Indian in any form of cricket. He scored hundred in 60 balls against New Zealand in Hamilton on 11th March 2009. This was an ODI cricket match. Kapil Dev and Mohammad Azharuddin are the fastest hundred scorers in Tests for India. Both share this record of 74 balls.

Who scored the fastest hundred in cricket?

The fastest hundred in ODI Cricket was scored by Abraham Benjamin de Villiers (AB de Villiers) of South Africa in 31 balls. The record of fastest hundred in Test Cricket is shared by Sir Viv Richards of West Indies and Misbah-ul-Haq of Pakistan. Both scored hundred in 56 balls. The fastest century in Twenty20 Cricket was scored by Richard Levi of South Africa in 45 balls.

Who holds the record for the fastest fifty in Limited overs cricket?

Sanath Jayasuriya(SriLanka) scored 50 off 17 balls against Pakistan in 1996 which is the fastest 50 in limited overs cricket. If you also consider Twenty20 Internationals (which is indeed a form of Limited overs cricket), the record is currently held by Yuvraj Singh (India), who scored a memorable 50 off just 12 balls against England in 2007 during the Twenty20 World Cup.

Who has the record of fastest triple century in cricket?

Virender Sehwag (300 of 278 balls)

Does saqlain mushtaq hold the record of taking fastest 100 wickets in odi cricket?

Not only 100,he holds the record of taking fastest 200 wickets as well.

Who scored the fastest century?

Sir Vivian Richards holds the record for the fastest century in Test Cricket. He blazed his way to hundred in 57 balls against England at St.Johns (1986). Shahid Afridi the record for scoring the fastest century in ODIs. He scored his century in 37 balls against Sri Lanka on 4th October 1996 on his ODI debut.

Fastest hundred in World Cup Cricket?

Irish Kevin O'Brien hits fastest World Cup hundred Ireland batsman Kevin O'Brien on Wednesday entered the World Cup record books on Tuesday by hitting the fastest century in the mega event's history off just 50 balls during his side's group B match against England in Bangalore.

Who holds the record for running the fastest two hundred and twenty yard dash?


Who is the fastest hundred meter runner ever?

Usain Bolt has the world record for the 100M.

Fastest hundred in cricket?

This record is hold by AB de Villiers of South Africa AB de Villiers have made this record..he made 149 on 44(100 on just 31 balls) balls against West Indies at Johannesburg, Jan 18, 2015

Who held the record for quickest time to get one hundred runs in cricket?

shahid afridi from the Pakistani team

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