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Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees hit safely in 56 consecutive games in 1941.

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Q: Who holds the record for the longest hitting streak in major league baseball?
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Who holds the record for longest hitting streak in baseball?

Joe DiMaggio hit safely in a record 56 straight games during the 1941 season, which is the Major League record Interestingly enough, DiMaggio also holds the Pacific Coast League record with a 61 game streak The longest streak in any professional league belongs to Joe Wilhoit, who lit up the Western League in 1919 for a staggering 69 game streak

Who has the longest hitting streak in Major League baseball?

The record is held by Joe DiMaggio with 56 games in 1941 However there may have been longer streaks in professional baseball, for example DiMaggio's 61 game hitting streak in the PCL back in his San Francisco Seals days.

What is the longest winning streak in Major League Baseball's American league?

The 2002 Oakland Athletics hold the record for the longest Major League Baseball (MLB) winning streak by an American League (AL) team with 20 consecutive wins.

What is the longest hit streak in baseball?

In 1941 Joe DiMaggio of New York set the record at a 56 game hitting streak.

Who holds the record for the longest LCS hitting streak?

Miguel Cabrera

Who holds the most home run hitting record in a single season?

In Major League Baseball, it is Barry Bonds with 73.

Who hold the record for the longest hitting streak in MLB history?

Joe DiMaggio with 56 games.

Who holds the longest record of hitting grand slams in the MLB?

Your question makes no sense idiot... rephrase it.

Which player holds the MLB record for longest consecutive-game hitting streak in a season?

Joe DiMaggio with 56.

What is the record for longest baseball hit?

micky mantle 200m (654ft)

Who holds the longest baseball career?

The Major League Record is held by Nolan Ryan with 27 years in the Major Leagues. Tommy John had 26 year in the Majors.

Who has the record for the most career innings in Major League Baseball?

major league baseball for the most career innings?

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