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Emmitt Smith

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Q: Who holds the record for the cowboys in rushing yards?
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Who holds the record for most rushing yards of all time?

As of 2007, Emmitt Smith holds the record for 18,400 rushing yards. He also holds the record for the most rushing touchdowns with 164. Second place is Ladainian Tomlinson with about 120.

Who holds the NFL'S all time rushing record?

Emmitt Smith 18,355 rushing yards

Who holds the record for the most career rushing yards for the Lions?

Barry Sanders retired with the Lions' rushing record in 1999.

Who holds the record for career rushing yards at Mizzou?

Brad Smith

Who holds the rushing yards record for the University of Alabama?

Shawn Alexander

What is the division 1A career rushing record?

Ricky Williams holds the 1-A rushing record for the ncaa at 6.138 yards from the University of Texas. Ron Dayne from the University of Wisconsin holds the D1A career rushing record with 6,397 yards between 1996-1999.

Who holds the record for rushing yards in the NFL?

Emmit Smith..18,355 yards..........loved the guy

Who holds the nfl record for total rushing yards?

Emmitt Smith with 18,355 career yards.