Who holds the record for both 100m and 200m sprint?

Updated: 4/3/2023
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Q: Who holds the record for both 100m and 200m sprint?
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Who holds the olympic record for 200m sprint?

Usain Bolt.

Who holds the World Record for both 100m and 200m sprinting?

Usain Bolt! OBV

Who holds the hundred meter sprint record in the commonwealth games?

Ato Boldon (Trinidad and Tobago) holds the Commonwealth Games 100m record with a time of 9.88, which he set on his way to the 100m gold medal at the 1998 Kuala Lumpur Games.Debbie Ferguson (Bahamas) holds the record for the women's 100m with a time of 10.91, which she set at the 2002 Manchester Games.She won three events at the 2002 Manchester Games: 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay.

What did Kathy freeman compete in?

Athletics: 100m Sprint 200m Sprint Etc.

Who holds the olympic record for the womens 200m sprint?

Florence Griffiths Joyner (USA) 21.34s

Fastest female in the 200m sprint?

Florence Griffiths-Joyner holds the world record with 21.34s.

Who holds women's world record in the 100m and 200m dash?

Florence Griffiths Joyner (USA) 10.49s and 21.34s

Who holds the 200m sprint world record?

Usain Bolt for men and Florence Griffiths-Joyner for women.

When did ato boldon set the fastest sprint time?

He ran 9.86 in the 100m 4 times and ran a 19.77 in the 200m, a Trinidad and Tobago record.

What is the world record 200m sprint?


What is the 200m sprint record for the mens olympic record?


Who is the Record holder for 100m and 200m male?

Usain Bolt