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Michael Phelps holds both records for the 200 meter men's freestyle. His record was 1:42.96 at the summer Olympics in 2008 in Beijing.

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2009-03-28 04:32:19
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Q: Who holds the men's 200m freestyle world record and olympic record?
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Who holds the Olympic and world record in the female 100 meter freestyle swimming?

Britta Steffen.

Who holds the men 50m long course freestyle world record?

i do

Who holds the men's world record in the 100 meter freestyle?


What was Rebecca Adlington's record time in the women's 800m freestyle 2008 Olympic final?

Rebecca Adlington's time of 8:14.10 in the finals of the women's 800 meter freestyle was an Olympic record and a world record.

What is the Olympic record for men's 50m freestyle?

Eamon Sullivan regained the 50-meter freestyle world record with a 21.41 seconds swim at the Australian Olympic trials in Sydney. - June 2008!

Who holds the world record for 200 meter freestyle swim?

Michael Phelps

100 meter freestyle world record?

Cesar Cielo holds the world record in Men's Long Course 100m Freestyle with a time of 46.91 seconds. Amaury Leveaux holds the Short Course record with a time of 44.94 seconds.

Who holds the Olympic 100 meters title?

usfain bolt holds world record

Who set a new world record in the 400-m freestyle at the 2000 Olympics?

In 2000, Ian Thorpe won the Olympic gold medal in the 400m freestyle, the 4x100m freestyle, and the 4x200m freestyle.

Who holds the men's 100m freestyle world record?

Cesar Cielo of Brazil with a time of 46.91.

In the Olympics who holds the World and Olympic high jump record?

World Record: Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45m Olympic Record: Charles Austin (USA) 2.39m

What is the men's 200 meter freestyle world record?

The world record, as well as the Olympic record, for the mens' 200 meter freestyle was set by Michael Phelps on August 12th, 2008, at the Beijing Summer Olympics. His time was 1:42.96 .

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