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Yankees, Yankees and Yankees

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2009-08-17 03:39:09
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Q: Who holds the major league record for world series appearances world series games won and World Series championships?
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How many World Series do the Yankees have?

The New York Yankees have won a record 27 world championships in 40 World Series appearances.

What major league pitcher holds record for most appearances for one world series?

Jerry Staley 1959 for White Sox vs Dodgers

What team has the most World Series titles in Major League history?

The New York Yankees hold the record with 26 World Championships .. As a matter of fact, 26 Championships are the most in ANY sport

What is Joe Torre's record?

With his tenure as New York Yankees manager, Joe Torre led them to 12 consecutive post season appearances, 10 American League East Division titles, 6 American League championships and four World Series championships. And now, in his first year as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, he has not only led them into the post season playoffs, the Dodgers have won the National League West Division. N. C. Freitas

Who holds the record for most World Series Titles in the National league?

Several players have won 4 World Series championships with National League teams. They include Frankie Frisch, Jim Gilliam, John Podres, and Sandy Koufax.

In the league championships are all games played in the park of team with the best won loss record?

No. In a best of 7 series, four games at the home of the team with the best record and three at the other team's home.

Which Major League Baseball teams has the record for most postseason appearances?

As of the 2009 World Series, the New York Yankees is the MLB team that has been in the playoffs the most times at 48.

Which 2 drivers hold the record for the most Nascar Cup Series championships?

Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr. both have a record 7 Nascar Cup championships.

Which driver holds the record for the most consecutive Nascar championships?

Jimmie Johnson holds the record with 5 consecutive Nascar Cup Series championships. His streak was from 2006 to 2010.

What team holds the record for the most World Series championships?

The New York Yankees have the most World Series titles with 27.

Which player holds the record for most premiership appearances?

The player with the most Premier League appearances is David James of Portsmouth. He currently has 537 dating from 1992 to 21.2.2009.

What team has made the most appearances in the World Series?

The New York Yankees have made 40 World Series with a 27-13 record with the Dodgers organization having the second most World Series appearances with 18. They have a 6-12 record in the World Series (5-4 as the L.A. Dodgers and 1-8 as the Brooklyn Dodgers).

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