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Marcus Thronton of William and Mary

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Q: Who holds the longest streak for scoring double digits in points in college basketball?
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How many digits is currently the longest calculation of the value of pi?

pi is currently at 4 million digits

What is the longest known value of pi?

The longest known value of pi is now into the hundreds of billions of digits.

How do you find Anna university registration number?

The first four digits represent college code, next two digits are year of joining, and lastly the last three digits are the department code for the college.

What is a triple double in basketball terms?

a triple double in basketball is when a player has points scored, rebounds and assists in double digits - like 10,10,10

How long is the avrage pencil in digits?

An average pencil is about twice as long as my longest finger.

Is 17 an illegal number in basketball?

Yes. Numbers can only have digits 0-5.

What is the longest postcode in the world?

9. Certain USA formats and Brazil both use 9 characters. Actually it's 10. US ZIP+4 have 5 digits then a hyphen then four digits; and Iranian postal codes have 10 digits.

How many digits long is the longest prime number?

Over/about 13 million digits! wow that's a long number! if you wanna see it, go to

What is to double in basketball?

When a player has double digits in a statistical category (points, rebounds, steals, assists, or blocks).

What jersey numbers are allowed in High School basketball?

The only numbers you can use in basketball are made up of digits 0-5. This is so that the referee can use his hands to asses the penalty.

What is the longest rational number?

There are infinitely many rational numbers and, in decimal form, most of them have infinitely many digits. So there cannot be a longest rational number.

What is the rational number?

There are infinitely many rational numbers and, in decimal form, most of them have infinitely many digits. So there cannot be a longest rational number.

Coimbatore Anna university registration number format?

Eg : 090105621002 In this lets seperate these digits as 3 digits each The 1st 3 digits represtents the year of joining eg:2009 so 09 then next 3 digits are the course code next 3 digits are the college code next 3 digits are the student roll num.. 002 here its the 2nd roll num

Double-double in basketball?

When a player hits double digits in two out of five categories during a game, this is called a double-double. If he hits double digits in three out of five categories is it called a triple-double. The categories are points, assists, rebounds, blocked shots, and steals.

What is the longest number string that only consists of prime numbers?

The longest string of consecutive numbers that are primes is two digits long, consisting of 2 and 3 only. There are no other consecutive numbers that are primes because no even numbers greater than 2 are primes.

What is the longest non-spam answer on WikiAnswers?

Probably one of the 'what is the value of Pi to x decimal places' answers, stretching to millions of digits. These helpful answers are of great value to us

What are the ten most popular basketball numbers?

23, and then I would say anyone of the single digits numbers23 (Jordan & Lebron) is the guaranteed number 1.

What is the most number of decimal places pi has been calculated?

The longest calculation as of December 2013 goes to 12.1 trillion digits.

How many digits are there in the numbers 1-500?


Program in c language to find sum of digits using recursion?

int Sum( int digits ) { if(digits < 10) return digits; return digits%10 + Sum(digits/10); }

How many numeric digits in 32000 Crore?

12 digits.12 digits.12 digits.12 digits.

How many binary digits are required to count to decimal 100?

7 digits

Who got a quadruple double in a basketball game?

i think his name is edward thurmond, or something like that. he played for the golden state warriors from 63'- 74'. double digits in points, rebound, assists and blocks! crazy

How many scientific digits are in 0.00243?

There is no such thing as scientific digits. There are 6 digits in the number of which 3 are SIGNIFICANT (not scientific) digits.

Can you have a 5410 and a 5401 mastercard and the others digits be the same for example 5410683080141691 and 5401683080141691?

Probably not. Some of the digits are probably check digits, calculated from the other digits, based on some formula. This means that if any one of the digits changes, another digits - or other digits - have to change, too.