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Austin Carr

52.7 (158 points in 3 games), Notre Dame, 1970

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Q: Who holds the highest scoring average in a men's ncaa tournament?
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Who holds the highest scoring average in a men's NCAA tournament and the second highest scoring average as well?

Austin Carr 52.7 (158 points in 3 games), Notre Dame, 1970 41.7 (125 in 3), Notre Dame, 1971

What french footballer holds the record for scoring most goals in a world cup tournament?

that freal from corrie

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Don Bradman

Is Michael Anderson Drexels all time leading scorer?

No, Michael Anderson Drexels is the all time leading scorer, He holds the 7th highest career scoring average.

Among all golfers with twenty-five or more rounds played in The Masters who holds the tournament record for best career scoring average?

As of the 2008 Masters, that would be Tiger Woods with a 70.85 average for 46 rounds. Phil Mickelson is second with a 70.98 average for 54 rounds. They are the only two players with 25 or more rounds who average under 71. Click on the 'Masters Scoring Average' link below to see more concerning scoring average at the Masters.

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Ichiro Suzuki holds the highest batting average at .322.

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Garry Kirsten of South Africa

What are the highest scores of the UCLA Basketball team?

Karim Abdul-Jabbar currently holds the record of the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) for the highest scoring average. He has an average of 26,4 points per game. Their club record for points scored in a game is 51 goals. in 1974 against Dayton.

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robin ventura no Douglas Arthur Richards set the highest batting average which was .718

What player holds the career scoring record for NCAA tournament play?

Duke Christian Laettner leads with 407 points in 23 games.

Who holds the all time highest test average in cricket?

It is sir Donald Bradman.

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