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La'Vere Corbin-Ong

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2007-11-13 22:02:27
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Q: Who holds the high school 400m record in Barbados?
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Who holds the world record for 400m freestlyle?

Andy Morez

Who holds the men's British 400m record?

Iwan Thomas

Who holds the high school 400m record in South Carolina?

A boy called Chris Kirkland not sure how long it took him though.

Who is the world record holder for the women's 400m?

Marita Koch of the GDR holds the record at 47.60s.

What female runner holds the American record for the 400m time and What is the time?


Who holds the US womens record for the 400m dash?

Sanya Richards-Ross

Who holds the current world record for 400m running track?

Michael Johnson

Who is the women world record holder for the 400m hurdles?

Yuliya Pechonkina of Russia holds the record time of 52.34 seconds.

Who is the current men's 400 meter record holder?

Michael Johnson currently holds the world record for the 400m at 43.18 seconds.

Which African American male holds a world record in a track and field event?

One African American male who holds a T&F world record is Michael Johnson in the 400m dash.

High school girls 400m dash record?

I don't know about the record, but I run the 400m for high school track. My PR is 63 seconds, but there are other girls on my 4 x 4 team who run 56's and they broke the school record. To get anywhere near a scholarship, you have to run at least a 57 for the 400m. It sounds easy but don't under estimate it until you try to run that time.

Who holds the 400 meter wold record?

Michael Johnson of the United States is the current 400m record holder. He ran 43.18 on 26 August 1999 in Seville.

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