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Grover Covington holds the record with 157 sacks. He played in the CFL for 10 years with the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

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Q: Who holds the all time sack record in the CFL?
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What CFL quarterback holds the title for most touchdowns passes thrown?

Damon Allen holds the record, followed by Anthony Calvillo and Ron Lancaster.

Who holds the CFL record for most receiving touchdowns in a career?

Milt Stegall with 143 (as of September 16, 2008).

Who in the CFL quarterbacks holds the record with the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the most yards rushing in a single game in regular season games?

Henry Burris

Who holds the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single regular non playoff season game?

Nealon Greene with 180 yards is the CFL record and the NFL record was just set this past weekend

What coach holds the record for the most wins in a season in the CFL?

I might be wrong in this question but i know 2 people who have the most wins in The CFL. One Is Wally Buono And Don Matthews. As I said i might be wrong but these are the names that came to my head.

What is the CFL single game pass completion record?

Anthony Calvillo

Who is Dieter Brock?

Dieter Brock was one of the best CFL quarterbacks of all times. He spent 11 years in the CFL, playing for Winnipeg and Hamilton. He won the CFL's Most Outstanding Player award in 1980 and 1981. He holds Winnipeg's record for career passing yards and was elected to the CFL Hall of Fame in 1995. Brock played his college ball at Jacksonville State University, where he is also enshrined in the Gamecock sports hall of fame. After his successful years in the CFL, he later played in the NFL as well, for the Los Angeles Rams.

Are the Toronto Argounauts the best team in the CFL?

All time, they are tied with Hamilton with the most championships (15). Of all time, possibly, but the ended the 2009 season with the worst record in the league (3-15).

What is the single game quarterback rushing record in yards and TDs?

Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons holds the NFL Quarterback single game rushing record with 173 yards from 10 attempts during a 2002 game vs the Vikings. Nealon Greene of the Edmonton Eskimos holds the CFL Quarterback single game rushing record with 180 yards in 14 carries versus the Saskatchewan Roughriders on July 19, 1999.

Single game CFL rushing record for a quarterback?

Nealon Greene july16 1999 - 180 yds

What is the lowest CFL score of all time?


What is the CFL?

The CFL is the Canadian Football League. The CFL is Canada's professional football league.

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