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Chris Doleman with 21

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โˆ™ 2008-12-11 15:59:35
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Q: Who holds the Minnesota Vikings single season sack record?
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Who holds the single season record for passing yards for the Minnesota Vikings?

Daunte Culpepper holds the Minnesota Vikings single season record. He threw for 4,717 yards in 2004.

Who holds the Minnesota Vikings record for sacks in a single season?

The Minnesota Vikings record is held by Chris Doleman. He recorded 21 sacks in 1989.

What is the record for the second most points scored by an NFL team in a single season?

This record is held by the 1998 Minnesota vikings. They scored 556 points on the season.

Who holds the Minnesota Vikings single season passing touchdowns record?

Through the 2008 season, that is Daunte Culpepper with 39 in 2004.

Which Minnesota Vikings quarterback holds the record for the most passing yards in a single season?

Through the 2010 season, Daunte Culpepper with 4,717 passing yards in 2004.

What Vikings quarterback holds single season passing yards?

The Vikings single season passing yards record is held by Daunte Culpepper who threw for 4717 yards in 2004.

Will the Patriots break the NFL scoring record?

The New England Patriots did break the single season team scoring record in 2007 by scoring 589 points to break the previous record held by the Minnesota Vikings (556). == ==

What is Walter Payton's single game rushing record?

Walter Peyton's single game rushing record is 275 yards against the Minnesota Vikings in 1977.

How many points did the New England Patriots score in 2007?

The New England Patriots scored 589 points during the 2007 regular season, handily surpassing the previous single-season NFL scoring record of 556 notched by the 1998 Minnesota Vikings.

Who has the 1ST most rushing yards per single NFL game?

Adrian Peterson of Minnesota VikingsSan Diego Chargers vs. Minnesota Vikings - Nov. 4th, 2007Rushed for 296 yards beating Jamal Lewis' previous record of 295Final score 35-17 with Minnesota Vikings winning

Who broke OJ Simpson's record of 273 rushing yards in a single game?

Walter Payton broke O.J. Simpson's single-game rushing record. Payton gained 275 rushing yards in a 1977 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

The most touchbacks by a kicker in the NFL?

The most touchbacks by an NFL player in a single season is 40 by Mitch Berger of the Minnesota Vikings, and Billy Cundiff of the Baltimore Ravens.

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