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Ryan Giggs

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Q: Who holds the Manchester United records for most games played?
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Who has played the most football games ever?

Manchester United

How many live games has Manchester united played?

i think it is about 1000 to 2000 games

Who is the player who has played the most games for Manchester united?

Ryan giggs

Who has played the most games for Manchester united FC?

Ryan Giggs

What is the opening music played at home Manchester United games?

Austrian National Anthem

Which Englishman has played the most champions league games?

It is paul Schole of England and Manchester united.

What team did Phil Jones play for?

He played 35 games for Blackburn but then he moved to Manchester united

Which is the onlyPlayers to have played in games between Everton v Liverpool- Rangers v Celtic -Manchester city v Manchester united?

remi moses

What British footballers have made 100 or more champions league appearances?

Ryan Giggs the Welsh and Manchester United winger has played over 100 champion league games for Manchester United.

Who has played most champions league games?

Ryan Giggs, the welsh player who played for Manchester United, has played the most CHampions League games. He has played 141 champions league games.

Has Eddie Lewis ever played for Manchester united?

Eddie Lewis played for Manchester United in the 1950's. He was a centre forward who played 24 first team games and scored 11 goals before being transferred to Preston North End.

Which footballer has played the most English league career games?

ryan giggs with 915 appearances for manchester united