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Q: Who hold the oolympic record for the 100m?
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What hold the olympic record for the 100m freestyle?

Eamon Sullivan of Australia (47.05).

Who hold the record of 100m freestyle?

Cesar Cielo for the men. Britta Stefan for the women.

Who hold the record for the 100m freestyle?

Cesar Cielo of Brazil with a time of 46.91.

Who hold the 100m sprint record?

The fastest man in the 100m sprint is Jamaica's Usain Bolt, with a 9.58s finish at Berlin, Germany, August 16, 2009.

Who is the new zealand 100m record holder?

David Ambler - 100m record of 10.41s

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When did paul Nash of south Africa equil the 100m record?

Paul Nash 100m record was in 1968

What is the world record for the women's 100m breaststroke?

Kristy Coventry from Zimbabwe rewrote the world record for the women's 100m breastroke, and the record is 58.77 seconds.

What is theworld record for the 100m sprint?


What is the 100m world record for woman?


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