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Q: Who hit the maximum runs in an innings in Test and ODI?
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Most sixes by a team in an ODI innings?

Most sixes by a team in an ODI innings?

Who scored fastest 10000 runs in ODI?

Sachin tendulkar in 259 innings

Who scored second fastest 10000 runs in odi?

Sourav Ganguly 263 Innings

How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar scored in both Test matches and Odi matches?

Test - 15048 Runs Odi - 18111 Runs

How many One Day Internationals and test matches Sachin Tendulkar have played for India?

658 Matches 773 Innings ODI 463 Matches 452 Innings Test 194 Matches 320 Innings

Who scored 30000 runs in test n odi cricket?

sachin tendulkar has scored about 33000 runs total in ODI and test cricket

How man runs did Rahul Dravid make in the matches of 2007?

From January 1st up to today (July 16th), Dravid has scored 268 runs in 5 Test innings (average 53.60) and 539 runs in 14 ODI innings (not out 3 times, so average 49.00).

Which team holds the record for the lowest innings total in test match?

Canada holds the record for the lowest innings total of 36 vs SriLanka in ODI.

Highest run scorer in an innings in odi cricket?

Saeed Anwar (pakistan)194 runs(paki bhencodh)

Who scored 10000 test and odi runs?

Sachin Tendulkar

How much runs he had scored in his first international cricket?

Sachin scored 15 runs in his 1st test match 1st innings. He did not bat in 2nd innings. This was a match against Pak. In his 1st ODI he scored a duck (0) against Pak only. Waqar took his wicket in that match.

When sachin scored his 1000 odi runs?

Sachin scored his 1000 ODI runs in his 37th match in which he did not bat in 2 innings.... it came against Zimbabwe in Hamilton on 7/3/1992... he scored 81 in that inning.

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