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Miguel Cabrera 519ft

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Q: Who hit the furthest home run in the home run derby?
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What is the length of the longest home run in a home run derby?

Sammy Sosa hit the longest home run in home run derby. It was 528 feet, followed by 524 and 520 feet, also by Sosa.

Longest home run hit in 2009 home run derby?

507 feet by prince fielder

What is the furthest home run Babe Ruth ever hit?


Who hit the furthest home run in major league baseball?

Mickey Mantle

What is the farthest home-run ever hit?

The farthest home-run to be hit was hit by Josh Hamilton in the Home-Run Derby. The ball is said traveled more than 512 feet.It was not possible to determine the exact distance.

How many home runs did Josh Hamilton hit in the 2008 home run derby?


What was the longest Home Run hit in the Home Run Derby?

Josh Hamilton in 2008 w/ 528 ft in Yankee Stadium.

When was Home Run Derby created?

Home Run Derby was created in 1985.

What would happen if only one home run was hit in the first round of a home run derby would that be the end and the winner declared?


Who hit the furthest home run in Busch Stadium?

Mark McGwire hit the longest home run at Busch Stadium II, that was closed in 2005. Mark's home run was hit on May 16, 1998 and traveled 545 ft.

What is home run derby in baseball?

a home run derby is whoever hits the most home runs win

Where can i watch the 2008 home run derby where josh hit all those homers?


When did vladamir gurerro win the home run derby?

Vladimir Guerrero won the home run derby in 2007.

When did David Ortiz win the home run derby?

David Ortiz won the Home Run Derby in 2010.

When was Home Run Derby - TV series - created?

Home Run Derby - TV series - was created in 2003.

How long does the MLB Home Run Derby last?

The MLB Home Run Derby typically lasts about 2.5 hours.

Is alex rodriqez going in the home run derby in 09?

No. Alex Rodriguez did not appear in the 2009 Home Run Derby.

What is the duration of Home Run Derby TV series?

The duration of Home Run Derby - TV series - is 1800.0 seconds.

What are the most home runs in an MLB Home Run Derby?

Bobby Abreu won the 2005 Home Run Derby in Detroit with 41 home runs.

When will the Home Run Derby be in San Diego?

The Home Run Derby is held at the Stadium that host the Major League Baseball All Star Game. The next time the All Star game is in San Diego, they will have a home run derby.

When did Home Run Derby - TV series - end?

Home Run Derby - TV series - ended on 1960-07-02.

How many home runs did Bary Bonds hit in MLB Home Run Derby to set the record?

Barry Doesn't Have The Record Any More But He Hit 17 Then Larry Walker Got 19 Ken Griffey Jr. Tied 19 Bobby Abreu Hit 24 And Finaly Josh Hamilton Hit 28 The Home Run Derby Has Changed Up Till 2000 There Was Only One Round, But Josh Hamilton Hit 35 Total. Bobby Abreu hit 41 Total

The farthest home run hit by an aluminum baseball bat?

If Major Leagers used aluminum bats the amount of home run would increase ludicrisly. But, anyway, the furthest home run would probably be in the 570-590 ft range.

Where is the 2009 Home Run Derby taking place?

The 2009 Home Run Derby took place in Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

How much are tickets to the home run derby?

2013 Home Run Derby Tickets range from $300 up to $1429 per ticket.