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Roger Connor hit the first Grand Slam in 1981

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Q: Who hit the first grand slam in Major League Baseball?
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Who are the top ten in career grand slams in baseball major league?

Lou Gehrig

WHo hit the most major league grand slam home runs?

Lou Gehrig hit 23 career grand slam home runs, the most by any player in Major League Baseball history.

What famous baseball player wore number 33?

There were many famous players who are legends of major league baseball. First of Nick joynson had hit 3 grand slams with your mother.

How many different players have hit grand slam home runs in major league baseball?


What Major League Baseball player hit the farthest Grand Slam ever in MLB history?

555 Feet

What was Chase Utley's first major league hit?

A Pinch hit GRAND SLAM against the Colorado Rockies

Who has the major league record for most grand slams?

Lou Gehrig with 23 grand slams

Who is the only major league baseball player to hit a grand slam in the all star game?

Fred Lynn in Comisky park in Chicago

Who hit the first grand slam?

Tony Lazzeri was the first to hit 2 grand slams in a single game (5-24-1936) Fernando Tatis was the first to hit 2 grand slams in a single inning. (4-23-1999) The first person to hit a grand slam in Major league baseball was Roger Connor, who played for the Troy Trojans. (The Troy Trojans were taken over by the New York Gothams, now the San Fransisco Giants, in 1883.) Charlie Gould hit a grand slam 4 years earlier in the National Association for the Boston Red Stockings, but the National Association is not recognized as a major league.

Who has the major league record for the most grand slams?

Lou Gehrig - 23

What are the odds of hitting a grand slam in a major league game?


When was the first Rugby League grand final at the Olympic Stadium?

from 1872

Who hit a grand slam in his first Major League baseball game?

A grand slam in first time at bat was William "Frosty Bill" Duggleby.He was playing a home game for Philadelphia against the New York Giants in the second inning on April 21, 1898 Florida,s Jeremy Hermida also hit a grand slam his first time at bat in the seventh inning against St. Louis on August 31, 2005

What major league baseball player hit three grand slam home runs in one week?

Jim Northrup of the Detroit Tigers hit a record three grand slam home runs in one week in June of 1968.

How many people have hit a grand slam as their major league hit?


Have there ever been back to back grand slam home runs in a Major League baseball game?

yes there has been robin ventura hit grand slams back to back in consecutive innings for a 14-4 win over Texas

Which Milwaukee Brewers pitcher hit a grand slam in 2011?

On July 4, 2011, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, Shaun Marcum, hit a grand slam against the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was his first Major League home run.

Who holds the major league record for rookie grand slams?

4 Grand Slams = Alexei Ramirez (2B, 2008 Chicago White Sox) 04-25-09. He became the second fastest in major league historyto reach five grand slams in 152 games,according to Elias Sports Bureau.

Who hit the 1st grand slam in baseball history?

Roger Connor of the Troy Trojans is believed to have hit the first grand slam, on September 10, 1881, although Charlie Gould hit one for the Boston Red Stockings in the National Association on September 5, 1871 (the National Association is not always recognized as a major league).

How many career grand slams did Eddie Murray hit ranking fourth all time behind Lou Gehrig Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez?

"Steady Eddie" Murray hit 19 grand slams in his Major League Baseball career.

Was Mark McGuire the first player to hit a grand slam on his first ever pitch?

Mark McGuire (sic; actually "McGwire") did not hit a grand slam on the first pitch he saw as a Major Leaguer. There have been four men to hit a grand slam in their first Major League at bat: Bill Duggleby for the Phillies in 1898 Jeremy Hermida for the Marlins in 2005 Kevin Kouzmanoff for the Indians in 2006 Daniel Nava for the Red Sox in 2010 Kouzmanoff and Nava hit their grand slams on the first pitch they ever saw in the Majors.

Who has hit the most grand slams in 2010?

Currently, The Yankees Alex Rodriguez and the Royals Yuniesky Betancourt are the major league leaders with three grand slams each in 2010.

Who has made the most grandslam?

Lou Gehrig holds the Major League Baseball (MLB) record for career Grand Slams with 23; however, as of 2012, two (2) active players, Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez have recorded 22 and 21 career Grand Slams, respectively.

Has a Major League Baseball team ever hit a one run home run a two run home run a three run home run and a grand slam in the same game?

No, but many people were close.

Who was on base when bobby bonds hit a grand slam in his first major league game?

Jim Ray Hart was on 1st base Willie Mays was on 2nd base Willie McCovey on 3rd base