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Harmon Killebrew

Harmon Killebrew's 520-foot (160 m) home run, a blast to the upper deck in deep left-center field on June 3, 1967. This was the longest homer Killebrew ever hit, and the longest ever hit in Metropolitan Stadium.

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Q: Who hit the farthest home run at the Metropolitan Stadium?
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What ballpark did Killebrew hit his 500 home- run?

Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington (Minnesota) on August 10, 1971 off Mike Cuellar of the Baltimore Orioles.

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How many home runs have been hit at Yankee Stadium?

237 Yankees Stadium Home RunsAs of 2009 the New York Yankees hit 136 home runs at Yankees Stadium, and the opposing team hit 101 for a total of 237 Yankees Stadium home runs.

How many home runs were hit at the new Yankee Stadium?

As of 2009 there have been 237 home runs hit at Yankee Stadium.

Who hit farthest hit home run?

mickey mantle 664 ft.

How many home runs did Mickey Mantle hit at Yankee Stadium?

Mickey Mantle hit 266 home runs at Yankee Stadium I.

How many home runs have been hit out of Yankee Stadium?

There has never been a home run hit out of Yankee Stadium, old or new.

Who hit the first home run in new Busch stadium?

The first home run at Busch Stadium was hit by Julian Javier, of the Cardinals.

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