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Roger Connor of the Troy Trojans is believed to have hit the first grand slam, on September 10, 1881, although Charlie Gould hit one for the Boston Red Stockings in the National Association on September 5, 1871 (the National Association is not always recognized as a major league).

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Q: Who hit the 1st grand slam in baseball history?
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Who was the 1st African American to win a grand slam golf event?

tiger woods

How many rounds in a grand slam?

Tennis - 7 (1st,2nd,3rd,4th,QF,SF,F)

When does a grand slam home run happens?

A grand slam is only possible when a player hits a home run while the bases are loaded (runners on 1st, 2nd, & 3rd base at the same time). This results in 4 runs for the batter's team.

Who won the NBA slam dunk contest in 1988?

Michael Jordan beat Dominique Wilkins 146 to 145 points to become the 1st back to back slam dunk champion, in the history of the contest.

When a batter hits a grand slam how many runs score?

4 Runs score. The Batter, The runner on 1st, The Runner on 2nd and the runner on 3rd.

Who was the first baseball player to hit grand slams in consecutive innings?

In MLB, that was Jim Gentile of the Baltimore Orioles on May 9, 1961 against the Minnesota Twins at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington.He hit a grand slam in the 1st inning off of Pedro Ramos and a grand slam in the 2nd inning off of Paul Giel. He also had a sacrifice fly in the 8th inning and ended the game, won by the Orioles 13-5, with 9 RBIs.

In baseball what is a grand slam?

In baseball terminology, a grand slam is a home run hit when the bases are "loaded". Meaning that the home run is hit with runners on 1st, 2nd & 3rd base. The result is that 4 runs are scored. A home run normally occurs when a baseball is hit into the grandstands in fair territory. An "inside the park" home run occurs when the hitter can run all the way from home plate then around the bases and ends up back on home plate. It is not a home run if an error allows the hitter to run all the bases.

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How many players have hit a grand slam their first time at bat?

Four - Bill Duggleby (1898), Jeremy Hermida (2005), and Kevin Kouzmanoff (2006), and Daniel Nava (1st pitch,1st at bat) 2010-Red Sox.

Who was on base when bobby bonds hit a grand slam in his first major league game?

Jim Ray Hart was on 1st base Willie Mays was on 2nd base Willie McCovey on 3rd base

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