Who hit a grounder over the wall for a home run?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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A groundball cannot be hit for a home run. If a ball is hit on the ground and bounces over the wall, it's called a ground-rule double

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Q: Who hit a grounder over the wall for a home run?
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What is a grounder?

A grounder is a hit that travels along the ground.

What is it when you hit the ball over the wall in softball?

out of the park home run

What's the best pitch to hit a grounder?

A pitch that is low or a pitch, like a sinker, that is dropping as it reaches the plate. This will usually make the batter swing over top of the ball and, if they make contact, they will hit the top of the ball resulting in a grounder.

How many infield fly home runs?

that is impossible because if you hit an infield fly then your out and the ball is in the in field not over the wall.

Runner on second and batter hits grounder to short and throws out runner at third is batter credited with a hit?

No hit it is a fielders choice

What is grounder?

In baseball, a hit ball that travels along the ground, as opposed to a fly ball that travels through the air.

What does Grounder mean in Baseball Stats?

It is a ball that the batter hits on the ground. Contrary to a fly ball that is hit in the air.

If a runner is on third base with one out and you hit a grounder to second why are you charged with an at-bat if the runner scores?

The fielder made a decision to throw the batter out at first instead of throwing the runner out at home. This is considered a fielders choice.

How can Jim thorpe hit a home run ine three different states?

Believe it or not, Thorpe once hit 3 home runs into 3 different states in the same game. During a semi-pro baseball game in a ballpark on the Texas-Oklahoma-Arkansas border, he hit his first homer over the leftfield wall with the ball landing in Oklahoma, his second homer over the rightfield wall into Arkansas and his third homer of the game was an inside-the-park home run in centerfield, which was in Texas! -from the official Jim Thorpe website

Where are home runs mostly hit to?

over the fence

How many of Babe Ruths home runs were ground rule doubles now?

Technically these were and are today "automatic doubles," not "ground rule doubles." This is because the rule is identical in all ballparks, and is not a ground rule specific to a particular park.But all announcers and most fans still refer to them as "ground rule doubles."About 22 or more But....The number of home runs that Babe Ruth hit that bounced over the wall, and counted as a home run will never be known because it was counted as such. It was estimated that players of that era hit about 2 home runs a year, that bounced over the wall. Counting from 1920 when Babe Ruth became a full time hitter for the Yankees until 1930. (1931 the rule was changed making a ball that bounced over the fence a ground rule double) Babe Ruth would have had about 22 (or more) ground rule doubles that were counted as home runs.But the Babe lost more home runs than gained because there was also a rule that the baseball that cleared the wall in fair territory, also had to land in fair territory to be counted as a home run. Further, the rules once stipulated that an over-the-fence home run in a sudden-victory situation would only count for as many bases as was necessary to "force" the winning run home. For example: In a tie game, a ball hit over the wall with a runner on first to end the game would only count as a triple. It was estimated that Babe Ruth would have hit 104 home runs in 1927 when he had 60 home runs counted, and lost between 50 -78 home runs overall, during his career because of these rules.

How fast was dale going when he hit the wall?

he was going over 200 miles per hour