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Liverpool and Manchester United have won 18 cups each.

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Q: Who have won the English premier league cup more?
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Who has more English premier league cup championships?

Manchester United, with 11.

What is the worth of the English premier league cup?

The exact value or worth of the English premier league cup is not known. This cup is known to have sentimental value to those who are lucky enough to win it.

Which world cup winners have played for 2 or more English premier league clubs?


How many teams from the English premier league qualify for the europa league?

Three. One from the Premier League, one from the FA Cup, and one from the Carling Cup.

How much does English premier league cup worth for the winner?


Which player has won English premier league FA cup league cup Champions league world cup and European championship?

Thiery Henry

How much is winning the English bacrays premier league cup worth?

The prize money for winning the Premier League is £17m I believe.

Who is bigger the fa cup or premier league?

premier league

How many English premier teams qualify for the Europa league?

Three: 1 from premier league 1 from FA cup 1 from Carling cup Any Team that get knocked out of champions league group stages

Which is the richest trophies in English football?

the richest are probably the premier league and the FA cup.

Who are you have won champions league uefa cup super cup premier league and play in premier league?

Manchester United

How much did the winner of the 20102011 english premier league cup get?

The Premier League trophy as well as the gold EPL badges on their jerseys, not to mention a huge bonus.

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