Who have won the English premier league cup more?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Liverpool and Manchester United have won 18 cups each.

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Q: Who have won the English premier league cup more?
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Which world cup winners have played for 2 or more English premier league clubs?


Which player has won English premier league FA cup league cup Champions league world cup and European championship?

Thiery Henry

What were the league cup winners in 1962?

The English Premier League winners (EPL) of the season ending 1962 were Ipswich Town.

How much is winning the English bacrays premier league cup worth?

The prize money for winning the Premier League is £17m I believe.

Which is the richest trophies in English football?

the richest are probably the premier league and the FA cup.

How much did the winner of the 20102011 english premier league cup get?

The Premier League trophy as well as the gold EPL badges on their jerseys, not to mention a huge bonus.

I have won the uefa super cup champions league uefa cup English premier league and the fa cup you have been relagated from the premiership but never played in the championship. Who am i?

Nwankwo Kanu. UEFA Super Cup - Ajax Champions League - Ajax UEFA Cup - Internazionale English Premier League - Twice with Arsenal FA Cup - 3 times. Twice with Arsenal, once with Portsmouth Relegated from English Premier League - West Brom, but didn't play in the Championship due to leaving for Portsmouth. He actually also won: FIFA U-17 World Cup Olympic Games Football Nigerian Premier League Eredivisie x3 Intercontinental Cup FA Community Shield

Who are you have won champions league uefa cup super cup premier league and play in premier league?

Manchester United

Which cup has more money between FA and Barclays premier league?

The Premier League is the top English Football League, in which the top 20 teams in the country play against each other twice over a season. The winner is the champion of the English league. The FA Cup comprises of every football team in England competing in a knockout competition. There are numerous qualifying rounds in which the non-league teams compete in order to enter the FA Cup proper. There are then seven more rounds before the final.The Premier League teams receive automatic byes until the Third round stage

Which cup is the most expensive in England?

Of course the Premier League Cup is the most prestigious one, next it comes FA Cup and Carling Cup.

What football competitions are there?

in England ? there are : - blue square premier (south, east, north, west) - league 2 - league 1 - championship - barclys premier league - caling cup (league cup, only premier league) - painters cup (league 1,2 and championship) - FA cup (whole of England) - champions league (top 4 in premier league)

Which 2 players have won the world cup and English premier league and champions league?

David Villa, Iniesta, etc