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The Ohio state university

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Q: Who have the gators played 84 times?
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How many times have the Gators played the Seminoles in football?


How many times have the Florida gators and Michigan wolverines played football?

they have not played

Have the Florida Gators ever played the Texas Longhorns?

The Longhorns and Gators have played three times, in 1924, 1939, and 1940. Texas won two of the games and the other game ended in a tie.

When was the last time the Georgia bulldogs played the Florida gators in Georgia?

when was the last time the georgia bulldogs played the florida gators in georgia?

What was the name of the first bowl game the Florida Gators played in?

That was the Gator Bowl played on January 1, 1953. The Gators defeated Tulsa 14-13.

Did Chris Weinke play for the Florida Gators?

Chris Weinke played for both the Carolina Panthers and the San Francisco 49ers, but never played for the Florida Gators.

How many times have the gators won the Rose Bowl?


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What number was Steve spurrier when played for the Florida gators?


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How many times Florida gators football won national championship?

The Gators have won 3 national championships: 1996, 2006, and 2008.

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How many Super Bowls did the Florida Gators win?

None, the Florida Gators are a college team. The Superbowl is played between teams in the NFL.

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Florida Gators defeated what team in 2007 for NCAA basketball championship?

Florida beat Ohio State, 84-75 in 2007.

What teams has Tim Tebow played for?

Florida Gators Denver Broncos

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