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The teams with the worst record in the Super Bowl are the Minnesota Vikings and the Buffalo Bills, who are both 0-4 in Super Bowls. The Bills lost those 4 consecutively from 1991-1994

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Q: Who has worst record in NFL championships?
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What is the record for repeat championships in the NFL?

Pittsburgh is the NFL that has the record of two repeat championships in the NFL. There are six other teams that have own a repeat championship once.

What is the worst NFL record?


What team has the worst record in the NFL?


What team has the worst record this 2013 season in NFL?

The Houston Texans, with a record of 2-14, had the worst season in the 2013 NFL regular season.

NFL 1999 worst record?

The Cleveland Browns had the worst record in the 1999 NFL season with a record of 2-14. The New Orleans Saints had the second worse record, finishing the season at 3-13.

Who had the worst NFL recured in 2008?

The NFL team with the worst overall record in 2008 was the Detroit Lions, who were 0-16.

What NFL team has the worst overall record?

The Houston Texans.

What is the New York Giants worst NFL record?

The Giants worst NFL record to date was 1-12-1. This was back in 1966, which saw the Giants finish in last place.

Worst NFL season record?

Detroit Lions 0-16

What NFL team holds the record for most League Chapionships?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Superbowls (6). If you included pre-Superbowl era NFL championships, then the record is held by the Packers with 12 (3 Superbowls and 9 pre-Superbowl championships).

Who held the worst NFL record in 2007?

The Miami Dolphins at 1-15.

What team had the worst NFL regual season record in 2009?

Detroit lions