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Q: Who has worn number 35 in the nhl?
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What is the most worn number in the NHL?


How many players have worn number 13 in the NHL?


Which jersey number hasn't been worn in the NHL yet?


What number was Jordan Staal when he joined the Pittsburgh Penguins in the NHL?

Jordan has worn only number 11 throughout his entire NHL career.

Who has worn the number 13 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

These players have worn the number 13 for the Pittsburgh Steelers:Bill Mackrides (54)Lee Mulleneaux (36)Redding (35)Harbes (35)

Has a NHL player ever worn the number 0 or 00?

Martin Biron wore 00

What athletes have worn number 55?

NHL - Ed Jovanovski - Vancouver Canucks, Phoenix Coyotes.

Who has worn 24 in the NHL?

The Montreal canadiens

What does the 34 and 35 stickers mean on the 49er's helmets today?

The number 34 is being worn on the 49er helmets in memory of Joe "The Jet" Perry. The number 35 is being worn to honor John Henry Johnson.

Who has worn number 34 in the NHL?

There are MANY MANY MANY...... Currently, the best player wearing the number is Miikka Kiprusoff of the Calgary Flames.

What is the least worn number worn in the NHL?

The number 86 is the only number left in the NHL between 00-99 that has never been used. Edit: The answer above is wrong. Every single number between 00-99 has been worn. The last number that wasn't worn was 84, which Guillaume Latendresse wore with the Canadiens. Mikael Grabovski wears it with the Maple Leafs currently. There have been 3 players who have worn the number 86: Jonathan Ferland for the Canadiens in 2006, Jeremy Williams for the Rangers in 2011 and Wojtek Wolski for the Phoenix Coyotes and New York Rangers currently.

What number was Alex Ovechkin in the 2005-2006 season?

Alex Ovechkin has always worn the #8 during his NHL career.

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