Who has worn number 20 for Arsenal?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Lucasz Fabianski wears the number 21 on his shirt

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David Silva

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Q: Who has worn number 20 for Arsenal?
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Who has worn the Arsenal number 8 shirt?

Arteta Now wears the number 8 shirt at Arsenal

What number does Theo Walcott wear for Arsenal?

The Jersey number of Theo walcott is 14, the number worn formerly by theirry Henry at arsenal.

Who has worn the no 6 shirt for arsenal?

Currently Laurent Koscielny is wearing the number 6 jersey for Arsenal.

What number theo walcott wear for arsenal?

Theo Walcott wears jersey number 14, it was worn before by Henry at Arsenal.

Who has worn number 20 on the Atlanta Braves?

Who has worn number 20 for the Braves

What number is Alex Oxlade Chamberlin?

Number 15 for Arsenal. For england he wore number 20 at Euro 2012 and when he has started for them in firendly and world cup quailifiers he has worn numbers 11 and 7.

Who is no 5 arsenal player?

The number 5 jersey is worn by Thomas Vermealen.

What number is Lukas Podolski for arsenal?


Names of every player that has worn the number 5 for Arsenal FC?

Thomas vermallen.

Soccer players with jersey number 23?

It is worn by Andreiy Arshavin, the Russian footballer who plays at Arsenal.

What number is Olivier Giroud for arsenal?

Olivier Giroud is number 12 for Arsenal.

Which number will Thomas Vermealen have in Arsenal?

Thomas Vermealen has number 5 on Arsenal FC.