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The most notable player to wear #41 is Keith Byars.

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Q: Who has worn 41 for the patriots?
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What is Justin Green's number on the England Patriots?

Justin Green is number 41 on the England Patriots.

Who is number 41 on the Patriots?

The answer is ........... Heith Evans the FullBack

When was the last time the Patriots played the broncos at invesco field?

2011 - the Patriots won 41-23.

Who has worn the number 16 for the New England Patriots?

No one

What is the Patriots highest score for 2017?

The Patriots highest scoring game of the 2017 NFL season Week 10 Patriots 41 Broncos 16.

Who is going to win the Super Bowl xxlvi?

Patriots 41-7


The last ten meetings between the Patriots and Broncos - 2002 - Broncos 24, Patriots 16 2003 - Patriots 30, Broncos 26 2005 - Broncos 28, Patriots 20 (regular season) -- Broncos 27, Patriots 13 (playoffs) 2006 - Broncos 17, @ Patriots 7 2008 - Patriots 41, Broncos 7 2009 - Broncos 20, Patriots 17 OT 2011 - Patriots 41, Broncos 23 (regular season) -- Patriots 45, Broncos 10 (playoffs) 2012 - Patriots 31, Broncos 21

What New England Patriots players have worn number 13?

It was last worn by receiver Bam Childress. It is currently unissued.

Who is the number 10 player for the patriots?

Number 10 is worn by rookie wide receiver Terrence Nunn. He is on the Patriots practice squad.

How many times have the Patriots played the Broncos?

41 times, the Patriots have won 16 times and the Broncos have won 25 times

What is the head to head record of the patriots versus the bills?

The Patriots lead the Bills 64-41-1 lifetime entering 2013.

Why do the patriots have 91 on their helments?

It was worn to honor Marquise Hill, who died in the offseason.

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