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Peter Shilton - 125 Caps (I Think!!)

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โˆ™ 2008-05-01 21:54:38
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Q: Who has won the most international soccer caps for England?
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Who has won most international soccer caps for England?

peter shilton 125 caps

Who has won the most international soccer caps for Scotland?

England or Chelsea or Liverpool I think it is Kenny Dalglish.

Most capped England footballer at international level?

The most capped England international player is Peter Shilton with 125 Caps.

Which male has won the most ever international soccer caps?

= Claudio Suárez , a Mexican defender with 178 caps. =

Who is the british football player with the most international caps?

Peter Shilton has the most caps for England (125 or 126) although I suspect it may be an Irish player. Definately Peter Shilton 126 caps for England

Which member of England's Euro 2012 squad has the most international caps?

ashley cole

Which Qpr player has the most England caps?

David Andrews has the most caps for a QPR England player - 75.

Who has the Most international under 21 football caps for men?

James Milner has 46 U-21 caps for England, Cant find anyone else that has more, In Europe anyway

Who has the most ever caps in international football?

American, Kristine Lilly has the most international caps for football/soccer - see Wikipedia "340 - Kristine Lilly, United States world record holder (300th set on 18 January 2006; current to October 21, 2007) "

Who is the most capped international football player who has played football in the English premier league?

For England it is Peter Shilton with 126 caps.

Who has international caps for most nations?


Who has the most under 21 caps for England?

James Milner, 37 caps

Which England player has the most caps?

Peter Shilton A goalkeeper has 125 caps

Who is the world player with the most international caps?

currently, ahmed hassan (egypt) has the most international caps, with 179. the next most capped player (currently) is javier zanetti of argentine with 145

Where did soccer orignate?

most sports such as soccer originated in England

Who has most England caps?

Peter Shilton has 125 caps followed by David Beckham with 115

How many England caps has Man U had?

Man utd have the most ever England caps with 127 players, of which 88 in the modern game

Is soccer most popular in England?

No, soccer is most popular in Italy. Italy's the one who started to sport itself. soccer is not the most popular sport. Association football is the most popular. the most popular sport in England.

Who has won the most consecutive international caps in football?

Kevin Kilbane, 62 consequtive caps for Ireland?

Who is the British footballer with the most international caps?

David beckam

Who played Ireland soccer team the most?

Steve Staunton had 102 caps

Where do most soccer players come from?

most soccer players come from Germany and England and Brazil

Which Newcastle player has the most international caps?

Shay Given has won 78 caps for Ireland as a Newcastle player...

Who has had the most caps for England?

Peter Shilton (goalkeeper) with 125.

What club has produced the most England caps?

Aston villa